we have choices

The last days I have thought a lot about the freedom to make choices. When I was little I have been teached what is right and wrong. While growing up this sometimes narrowed my view. It was important to understand what in the eyes of my parents & elders was right and wrong. However as a conscious, responsible adult I feel I need to re-set and define who I really am. It’s fund to find out which choices there are and explore. I feel I win a whole new set of skills and my creativity and happiness is higher than before. One of my 2015 intents are to more focus on the choices live gives me and consciously looking out for things I normally would not do. I went on a expedition in Hackney to find a new raw vegan food place LOVR (http://www.loveorganicveganraw.com)Yummy !

Next week… I am curious already what I will find to inspire me. It’s really fun. The other option is to look at your old recipe book and cook something which you have never done before. Will do a polenta pizza today. Can’t wait.

Take the choices this year and make your life richer. Be curious !

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