Summer connect yourself with nature

A wonderful summer day with a breeze of sea air helps to relax muscles and all levels of the body. Are you connected to yourself in these wonderful days ? I try to be very conscious about the beauty of nature, the sun on my skin, the air I breeze and if I look up in the sky the blue colour and white clouds. It is such a gift to experience this. In the same time I feel its not easy to keep this feeling when I have the hectic working days. An ongoing struggle for balance but a good one to keep continuously working on.

Vegan spring

Spring has arrived with the birds singing and the flowers giving birth to the wonderful soft, light spring smells. How could I forget the feeling of wearing only a T-shirt ? I am grateful.
With the Spring I have started to eat vegan. Plant based diet, <a href=””>microgreens</a>… feel so radiant and much better. It has a real resonance in my body. It was just something my body asked for and is rewarding me for it.