Summer connect yourself with nature

A wonderful summer day with a breeze of sea air helps to relax muscles and all levels of the body. Are you connected to yourself in these wonderful days ? I try to be very conscious about the beauty of nature, the sun on my skin, the air I breeze and if I look up in the sky the blue colour and white clouds. It is such a gift to experience this. In the same time I feel its not easy to keep this feeling when I have the hectic working days. An ongoing struggle for balance but a good one to keep continuously working on.

Vegan spring

Spring has arrived with the birds singing and the flowers giving birth to the wonderful soft, light spring smells. How could I forget the feeling of wearing only a T-shirt ? I am grateful.
With the Spring I have started to eat vegan. Plant based diet, <a href=””>microgreens</a>… feel so radiant and much better. It has a real resonance in my body. It was just something my body asked for and is rewarding me for it.

Light miracles

It’s November here in London and the leaves have all fallen down. It’s the season where we are asked to go inside look at our true self and spend time with it.
Light is important for us as humans and in this time of preparation for winter I invite you to use the power of light. I have recently seen so many beautiful scenes of sunshine breaking through the clouds or as in this picture through the leaves. Enjoy the beauty of the light all around you. It is the food for the soul in this time of year.
LIght miracle

The Magic of Trees

I have been in Kew Gardens recently and was overwhelmed by the old trees who invited me under there branch umbrella. Particularly one of them drew my attention being huge in size and tall. It must have been over 60 years old. I gave him some Reiki and the tree energy is very very deep and calm.

I needed to keep quite a distance to allow the aura of the tree to enjoy the energy and I could feel a true connection specifically in the area of the end of the spine. Trees are a fabulous teacher for us. They put their roots deep in the ground and go deeper and deeper towards the earth while in the same time growing higher and higher to the sky.

My learning from this was that you need to be rooted to be connected to the sky, which I translate in you need to be rooted on earth to be able to enjoy the spiritual realms. If you are not rooted you easily can be lost in those spiritual realms as your energy system can’t translate and integrate the energy in the here and now.