My Journey

I can help you progress on your personal journey because I have walked my own path.

I was lucky to enjoy a peaceful childhood linked to nature, being brought up among the real beauty of Germany’s vast Black Forest.

Living in a conservative family, music was my best friend, and provided me with an alternative outlet to the conservative road followed by my ancestors. In my early twenties, I became fascinated by self development and started my auto-suggestion training. This encouraged my decision to change career from relationship management to human development (first dimension).

I attended transactional analysis courses based on Eric Berne and Carl Gustav Jung, before training for a year with Germany’s famous coach and relationship therapist Hans Jellouschek. Coaching certificate with 200 hours of self counselling and over 500 hours of coaching in individual and peer groups. Ongoing personal and organisational training based on holistic therapies. Under the leadership of Rolf Balling’s Professio Akademie, I continued to improve my coaching and training style over a period of seven years; managed to heal my family pattern and relationships towards others; learned for the first time to link inside and understand myself and my drivers.

Introduction to reiki (second dimension):  After travelling the world and immersing myself in the culture and nature of the countries I visited, I was ready to immerse myself into a second dimension. My journey started in the jungle of Ecuador, during a session with a shaman, before I went on to be introduced to reiki while in the Caribbean by a Philippine reikimaster. My passion for reiki was nurtured by good friend and eminent reikimaster Margot Rottler, who guided and supported me with her knowledge and wisdom.

My reiki level 1 was such a deep and profound energetic experience with the presence of spiritual power that I felt it would be a waste not to proceed on this path. Reiki level 2 opened up a lot of learnings, mainly on a physical level. I had to overcome great pain, which often left me unable to walk, while doctors assured me that there was not anything wrong. Clearly, I needed to trust the process. When I achieved reiki level 3 I felt that I had climbed a mountain and was finally able to see the fabulous panorama. I could finally see the connections between earth and sky and experienced a feeling from deep belonging.

Pain in the Hip – the start of my shamanic journey (third dimension): The physical pain I experienced after achieving reiki level 2 led me to shamanic healer and biodynamic cranio-sacral therapist Fiona Smith. Initially without realising, I started to receive understanding and wisdom of the oldest spiritual path taken by humans, assisted on my journey by my own spirit helpers. It opened a new dimension and supported painful blockages on a deep energetic level. I went through ancestral patterns, healing family patterns and experienced soul retrieval. At first I was a little nervous and it brought up some old fears. But the result of feeling more connected with who I am and what I want to be encouraged me to continue on this path. Continued growth and learning is important in my wish to open further to the gifts of the spiritual world.

I have walked my road. I went through pain and uncomfortable times and I have reached a point where I am complete and happy within myself. I have found my own natural rhythm. Now I can help you find yours.