Simone Hauser

Balancing different worlds and communicating across dimensions is a gift that I was granted at birth. Over the years, I have developed my ability to bring together people from different paths, allowing them to benefit more effectively from the naturally occurring rhythms that exist across the dimensions.

My healing influence extends far beyond this realm, bestowing on me an ability to relate between the spiritual and emotional dimensions. It is an ability to share.

By tapping into the linkages and unblocking the pathways between these co-existant levels of the natural world, I can help and support my clients to find what they need at this moment in life.

My journey to explore my healing abilities has brought me to some of the most fascinating and spiritual places on Earth, in particular meeting a shaman in the jungle in Ecuador, being part of watching condors flying over Machu Picchu, in Peru and immerse myself in the old healing energy of Mt. Kumara, Japan.

For many years I have worked within the field of transactional analysis, group dynamics and on issue resolution within families. But much of my work is also with individuals, which can be ultimately so fulfilling to me.

I am deeply grateful for the ability I have been granted, dedicating my life to strengthening and refining my talents so that I can share my learnings with those in need of healing.

Through my heart I received a clear message to follow a spiritual path to help others. Now I invite you to join me on this extraordinary journey of life.