Shamanic Healing

We can all stumble at times during our life journey and there are often barriers in the path that we will need to overcome before we can pass essential milestones and reach our ultimate personal destination in life.

Shamanic healing is used to provide spiritual guidance at key stages along that road.

Life is an ongoing journey without any visible beginning or end. We share our personal journey with others we meet along the way and, like any journey, we collect more baggage as we move along. Sometimes those burdens can get in our way and we need to call upon guides and spiritual helpers to steer us on our way down the road ahead.

The spirit within nature has been used by shamanic healers for centuries, in the tradition of Native Americans and Eastern shamans. These great men and women called upon ancient spirit helpers or animals to identify ancestral patterns and unblock essential energy paths.

Today’s shamanic healers use these same age-old techniques to help clients to open pathways into the emotional and spiritual world that will help to heal us at our most fundamental levels. By cleansing emotional, spiritual and physical wounds, shamanic healing can be especially effective is in removing bad habits and learned ways to re-teach the mind and body to respond to situations in a manner that is more beneficial to our overall well-being.

The shaman achieves altered states of consciousness to reach out to the spirit world and connect to your own spirit world. In that interaction with your own spiritual helpers, a shamanic healer can help you to understand your own natural rhythm and purpose in life.

Cleansing the body and mind also acts on improving health and can boost the immune system. By freeing up latent energies, the body’s natural strengths are enabled and harmony can be restored between the physical and spiritual realms.

Simone works with her own spirits but also can support you to find your own to address the effects of your issues and harmonise your life fields.