Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is an increasingly popular technique that I call up to support clients from all walks of life to explore and address their personal needs, motivations, desires, skills, blockages and thought processes.

For many people, it can prove to an ideal way to realise what is preventing them from achieving their potential in both the personal and professional aspects of their life.

I have practiced as a personal and executive coach for a decade, having been trained by renowned German psychiatrist and relationship coach Hans Jellouschek in the holistic methods of gestalt, systemic constellation, group dynamics and transactional analysis. This background allows me to take an holistic view of a client and their life, and enables me to unblock the energy channels that can sometimes prevent the natural flow that should move through us all.

In my flexible and open coaching style, I combine personal coaching with my insight on energy levels,  working across the levels of thinking, feeling and behaviour. I encourage the client to lead each session. By use of questioning and suggestion, I see through which door the client can be best reached and so identify personalised solutions and actions. The method is used to assist in making real, lasting change and it is necessary to understand my technique as a process rather then a one time fix.

My specialism is in work and relationship challenges, life cycle changes and family relationships, although my technique and learnings are readily adaptable to suit most clients and their needs.