About Traveling Wave Therapies

The repetitive and cyclical rhythm of life provides stability and brings together the human body and being, mind and soul.  The traveling waves of energy are in continuous motion throughout nature, flowing around and within all life forms.

Sometimes this natural rhythm can be interrupted. Energy channels can become twisted or blocked. This can lead to feelings of instability and prevent us from living an harmonious life. By removing any annoying blockages and realigning our body, spirit and mind,  we are able to use the body’s own energy network to heal our lives and improve our general well-being. Restoring the natural rhythm of the waves.

Traveling Wave Therapies is the practice of experienced reiki master and personal coach Simone Hauser. Working with her clients in person, online and via the telephone, Simone can call upon a sympathetic combination of reiki, shamanic reiki and coaching techniques to identify issues, propose tailored solutions, and help clients to unlock their full potential.

By listening to your concerns and working together on your specific goals, Simone  can ensure that you are empowered to get the best from your own life.